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Learning Moments

At Beyond HR Solutions we are excited to soon begin bringing you, on a regular basis, what we refer to as Learning MomentsWhat do we mean when we talk about Learning Moments?  We will be sharing simple stories, beliefs, values, and observations, from our work place and life experiences. Hopefully, you can take away some “nugget” that will aid you in your dealings with the people you encounter. They can apply both in your organization and at times in your  personal life.

Some will be simply fun and entertaining but most have a message to deliver.  Others will pertain to a theme, for example leadership or communication, with more than one writing devoted to the topic.  At times, we will share something we have come across that we feel you can benefit from.

They will be brief, easy to read anecdotal writings.  For now that is what we can tell you about Learning Moments. Their development is ongoing and we are enjoying the process of collecting them.  We’ll be anxious for feedback as we go to share how you value and enjoy them.  Stayed tuned! 

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